Friday 2 October 2009


I can always count on feeling either fascinated, intrigued or surprised by my Chicago-based daughter's stimulating writing, artistically illustrated with a well-crafted absorbing image or two (or three or four) she carefully selects from the many which document her life in the big city - and occasional adventures outside of it.

Megan frames her blog around the theme "Daily Pictures of Happiness!"

Though it's not quite daily anymore, due to her busy schedule as an art director, this proud papa experiences it like being offered a peek at her diary - a visual version of what we sometimes shared around the dinner table when she was young: "What was the best thing that happened to you today?"

Though I know, of course, she's not personally composing her posts for me, they are indeed quite personal, and at times emotionally evocative -- illustrative of what a very good blog can be. (Biased? Nooooo, not me!)

I'm simply proud of her, and very grateful to be getting such wonderful updates about her life half a world away, and be among a growing number of her followers over at MegaGood.

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