Wednesday 28 October 2009

Freeing Up The Saints From Their Hallmark Holidays!

You may be asking yourself "OK, Halloween is just around the corner again, so how am I going to deal with it THIS year?" Well, here's a stimulating resource I stumbled across this evening providing some "grist for the mill." It's written by Christine Sine, a member of the Mustard Seed Associates along with her husband Tom.

The last half of the article addresses a creative alternative way to get to the real meaning behind Halloween (All Hallows Eve) into which our culture is about to descend.

Also, here is a link to the MSA "alternative" calendar, described thus:

The events on our new calendar are divided into three general categories:

-Religious Observances: Deeper exploration of the Christian Liturgical Calendar.

-Celebrations: Innovative ideas for communities, local churches and families to celebrate in fun, whimsical, life-affirming ways, involving food, creativity, sharing and engaging with others.

- Activism: Suggestions and information about how to engage in global and local justice and need.

I think this is quite relevant as general guidance for families and individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual life during holidays -and fill those holidays with real meaning!


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