Monday 22 December 2008

The two of us

Here's a happy snap of Carole Anne and I, taken during our potluck Christmas lunch with some of the other members of our pastoral care department at The Canberra Hospital, during a very pleasant "perfect weather" day, last Friday -- just outside the chapel area under a canopy, where staff or patients often eat lunch under the open sky amidst several large magpies seeking the scraps.

Quite the different experience having Christmas in the middle of the summertime!

Yesterday (Sunday evening) - the longest day of the year here - we sang special music and carols in Telopea Park near the church, lead by a choir which I joined. About 250 people were sitting around in portable chairs or laying on blankets eating their supper, singing along. As the crowd joined in singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" several huge white squawking angels (cockatoos) flitting around overhead amidst the gum trees, joining in with "Arrrck, Arrrrrrrck, Harrrrrck" !!


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