Friday 19 December 2008

"Awaiting the Christ Child" (by Christine Sine)

This wonderful Advent meditation by Christine Sine encourages us to await the coming of Christ with expectation and joyful anticipation. The music is "Christ Child Lullaby" played by Jeff Johnson.

If it seems to take a bit longer than usual to "load" after clicking on the "play" arrow above, while you are waiting it will also be worth your time to check out the stuff mentioned below inside another window or tab, until you hear music starting up on the piece above.

"Awaiting the Christ Child" is included in an excellent list called Web Wanderings - the Peace on Earth Edition published in December's Peace Signs online newsletter (by the Mennonite Church.) So...I also encourage you to check out this great little collection of multimedia inspiration, some thought-provoking cartoons, and other neat stuff.


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