Monday 23 May 2011

Pondering America & Australia'​s "War On Afghanista​n" and who is taking responsibi​lity for what...

If you only read one article about recent developments in the Coalition forces' war on Afghanistan, then read this one even though by now it's two months old.  It's meticulously researched by "Afghans for Peace" (warning: it's heartbreaking) but you won't likely read much about THIS in the newspapers.

So, we are there to improve security, and win over hearts and minds.  Can anyone say this represents progress - "moving forward" at the real cost of 16 billion dollars per MONTH!?  And...just who are "the terrorists?"  It's beyond the pale to even kid ourselves about that question.

It's also important to ask a couple of other hard questions:  

Besides noting the obvious responsiblity that military and defence forces have to provide support for any depressed or PTSD-afflicted and suicide-prone (soldiers) involved in such carnage.  Just WHO is going to take responsibility for providing the emotional/mental support and care now needed by the multitude of traumatised and injured survivors and family members connected to all these slain innocents throughout Afghanistan?  

How can healing and restoration of trust ever even be imagined?  What process will it require?  (I am truly interested in others' responses.) 

One might also ask "What can I, as just one individual, do about all this?"  Take these good suggestions to heart from thoughtful Afghans for Peace.


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