Wednesday 26 January 2011

The Latest Word Regarding Gene Stoltzfus' Collected Writings on Peacemaking

The Create Space team realizes that a book about Gene’s writings on peacemaking is niche. As such, we have taken 3 concrete steps to help you easily introduce this book and the topic of peacemaking to your friends and family: 

1. A video clip promoting Create Space for Peace at This 2-min clip has received rave reviews. It distills peacemaking succinctly and captures the ethos of Gene’s book. I am deeply appreciative of friends at Big Red Button in Singapore for volunteering their time and talent to produce this brilliant clip. 

2. A blog post explaining What is Peacemaking and Why a Book about Gene. 

3. A free 3-page sampler. Using specific, real-world examples, this 3-page PDF gives a flavor of Gene’s peace works and makes clear why Gene’s words and actions are antidote and salve against the onslaught of violence and injustice. This 3-pager is in final review and will be made available as a free download in the next week or so. 

Our hope is that the above whets your appetite and makes it easy for you to help spread the word about Create Space. 

PS: A reminder that we are accepting discounted pre-orders (minimum 15 copies) at And if you're thinking about organizing a book event in your area, I’d like to hear about it. Do drop me an e-mail. 

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