Tuesday 23 November 2010

Thanksgiving in the Summertime!

Yep - it's virtually summer here in the land of Oz now, school holidays are just around the corner, and no one even thinks about Thanksgiving - unless you are Americans like us!  But we do have a LOT to be thankful for this year - in spite of the fact that yesterday Carole Anne went to her favorite grocery store to check out turkey prices and - would you believe - a turkey BREAST (no, not the whole turkey) there was priced at $50 flippin' dollars (AUD) - which was about on par recently with USD but a bit less now.  Still in shock, she found the spot to buy a frozen one, for somewhat less.  However, today I found out where we could have bought a fresh one for somewhat less than that in Fyshwick (sigh). 

Obviously, turkeys are a specialised (yes, that's how it's spelled here) market in Australia.  But we're excited because we'll be together with American friends we invited over this Thursday evening to help celebrate.

And...here's a nice little gift for y'all to enjoy - my annual Thanksgiving "card."   (In case you didn't see it already.)  It includes my all-time favorite tune which I play on my harmonica:  Simple Gifts. ‎ Just remember to click on "Next" at the bottom to read all THREE pages of background information about that special tune - at the end of the card's animated action, of course!  Now, click here - waiting long enough for it to "load." 


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