Tuesday 21 September 2010

What we (and also my grandson Benton) are up to these days - though still not in the same part of the world!

At the moment I writing from the Il Griso Hotel, near Lecco, on the shores of Lake Como (in northern Italy) where Carole Anne and I have been staying since last Friday. Click here for a "taste" of the glorious view I shot from our hotel room using our little camera with movie-maker capability. The first two days were rainy, but it's been great for us since.

Yesterday we took the famed "Bernina Express" train from the Italian border town of Tirano all the way "up" into the south eastern Swiss Alps, as far as St. Moritz - an  area declared by UNESCO as a World Hertage site.  Here is a 17-minute clip worth watching, jointly produced by UNESCO and Bernina Rail.  It recaps the excitement and incredible awe we experienced during this unforgettable scenic tour - although we are here in the fall now with wonderful moderate temperatures and fewer crowds, and thankfully missing some of the cold and "deep snow" shots of the shorter 8-minute version I'll include here.

I'm going hiking for the rest of this gorgeous day up in the mountains above Lecco...

Meanwhile, here's an update on what Benton (my first grandchild) is up to these days, back in Chicago.  I think my daughter Megan is quite the writer - what do you think?  I've been dreaming about holding this little man.  Only ten more days to go for that once-in-a-lifetime experience!



  1. It's so great being along for the ride with you Clair. We're there for each other when one of us, who shall remain nameless, runs out of steam needing a gently push up the hill toward our home for the day. Italy has been our greatest pleasure thus far, even beyond Paris. I'm looking forward to seeing Verona and Venice with you too. Now, get your leiderhosen on and HIKE!

  2. The view from your hotel is beautiful. It must be amazing but not as amazing as you grandson! I know you can't wait to see him.