Tuesday 31 August 2010

Ever still think about what its like to live and "survive" in Haiti these days?

This article - "Eastering in the Rubble" - will provide some insight.

Are any readers here involved (or in touch with others involved) in providing pastoral care and other supports there?  I would like to hear more.   

And then when they say that the death and devastation anticipated in Pakistan NOW is worse than the COMBINED EFFECTS of that earthquake in Haiti plus the loss of life and devastation in the Indonesian Tsunami a few years ago, plus all the effects on the lives of those caught up in Hurricane Katrina  - well, the scale of need is beyond all my comprehension...

Sunday noon some of us got together for a fund-raiser meal of good Asian food and were surprised we raised over three thousand dollars to give to TEAR Australia for Pakistan relief.  We need to get even more creative for the long haul, and it will require a sustained effort...

Thinking about other ways to best make a difference...how are you working at it?


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