Thursday 27 May 2010

Getting All Excited...

Have you heard yet? I'm going to be an authentic grandpa for the first time soon - somewhere around the end of July. I've been a step-grandfather for 12 years but this is MY daughter Megan we're talkin' bout now, living in Chicago with husband Justin, who has just finished law school. Carole Anne and I are developing plans to stop in there to see the little feller and family in October on the way home from a few weeks in northern Italy (a trip we'd been planning on before we knew about all this other.)

Funny how little people can make you go round the world - or is it "make your world go round?"

Megan, being a great photographer as well as a professional artist, has a growing band of readers following her blog called MegaGood, featuring her "Daily Pictures of Happiness" which she started way back. During her pregnancy she has been comparing where the baby is at each week with a certain fruit or vegetable! It's been fun to follow, and this past weekend she posts with such refreshing honesty and deep yearning.

People in your own life who are pregnant might really enjoy scanning her columns...


"Every time I think about exercising it makes me want to go and wash my mouth out with chocolate."

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  1. Just read your latest posting Clair. As a co-grandparent and step Grammie, I am eagerly anticipating the first time we/you meet your grandson. Camera in hand to record the moment.

    No doubt, your grand son "Uncle Jordan" will be there abouts too.

    It's what family is all about. Congratulations to the Masons and Boleys as well. - C -