Friday 8 January 2010

"Breaking News" from Clair de L'uni !

Well, how do you like my "new look" for 2010? I've done a number of kids' birthday parties - and sometimes corporate parties - as a unicycling clown and animal balloon twister - with a bit of kids magic mixed in - plus some "other stuff" for Just Clowning Around. For this next year I'll be their jester! I do this "on the side" mostly on weekends and get bookings through JCS, getting all around Canberra. It sure does keep me feeling (and acting) young!

And check out the video message I made for my daughter here in this new "disguise" - after I found out about a month ago that she's expecting and that I'll become a true biological granddad for the first time, probably somewhere around the end of July. (She just recently gave me permission to "go public" with this!)

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