Monday 28 December 2009

UniCon XV in Wellington, New Zealand is Getting Underway!

The 15th International Unicycle World Championships and Convention (UNICON XV) is now getting underway in Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington is the vibrant capital city of that country, located around a stunning harbour and surrounded by rolling hills. Most of the events are based in the heart of the city on the waterfront, although it will include an extensive Cross Country race and Marathon, as well! UNICON is held every two years, and this is the first-ever gathering in the Southern Hemisphere!

UNICON XV is a mix of competitive events as well as a convention-style gathering of unicyclists from around the world. Over 650 Unicyclists from 23 different countries are registered to take part in this 10-day event.

Each UNICON is open to anyone who can ride a unicycle, and showcases multiple types of unicycling, including Artistic Freestyle, MUni (mountain-unicycling), Street, Track and Field, Unicycle Hockey and Basketball, Road Racing and more! See this site for an enlightening
visual explanation of each category!

I have some
friends involved in the ACT Unicycle Riders Society (ACTURS) attending this event, and I look forward to seeing if any of them can get their name in the record books.

For now, here is a nice little
video "book" highlighting some of the ACTURS' club members doing an exhibition during Canberra's Floriade this past spring.

But right now, I wish I had made plans to go...(sigh) And
stay tuned for more about what happened at UNICON XV!


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