Thursday 6 August 2009

Left Brain Husband (Hilarious!)

If you are having a tough day, this oughta do it to cheer you up!

And if you are organising food to take to the sick or grieving, you'll want to listen & learn from this woman's experience!

For those of you who are not from NC, Jeanne Robertson, the story teller here, was Miss North Carolina many years ago and then won Miss Congeniality in the Miss America pageant. When you listen to this you will know why! Jeanne is from Burlington, NC.

This will be audio only - no picture - but if you're a woman who does the primary cooking/shoping and EVER sent a man to the grocery store for ANYTHING, you'll definitely want to listen to this piece all the way through, to the very last "punch line"!!

(And if you're a man, particularly a Left-Brain Man, I imagine you will relate to this story, as well!)

Simply click on the speaker icon at:

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