Wednesday 29 April 2009

Media Hype Spreading Swine Flu "Fear" Likely More Destructive Than the Virus Itself!

Jon Stewart was bleeping funny, but probably closest to the truth about how the media is inflating to a fever pitch the current worldwide freak-out over the spread of the so-called "pandemic" of swine-avian-human flu.

On a more serious note here's quite the article by David Kirby containing a provocative hypotheses about the possible origins of this round of the swine flu virus: Swine Flu Outbreak - Nature Biting Back at Industrial Animal Production?

Just hoping Australia will let me back into their country after our long-awaited trip home, touring around the United States to visit various family members from the 3rd to the 23rd of May!

You can't listen to the news for the last three days, without this being the top story. Australian politicians and health authorities are going crazy trying to reassure the public they are doing every thing possible to keep it out -- giving the authorities sweeping powers to detain anyone with symptoms trying to enter the country's international airports, including forced detentions!


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