Friday 13 March 2009

Bruno Torf's Art Garden in Marysville, Victoria To "Rise Again" Out Of Bushfire Death and Destruction!


Carole Anne and I were in the Melbourne area only 20K from this place during a weekend retreat for the Anabaptist Network for Australia and New Zealand the end of January - only two weekends prior to the onset of the fires that destroyed the entire town of Marysville, the location of what you are about to see. I had read a brochure about this wonderful place - one of the world's most unique and deeply inspiring experiences for art and garden lovers of all ages, constructed over many years by Bruno Torfs - and really wanted to see it but knew we had no extra time at that point. I vowed to take the time to see it next time we were in the area.

However, on Saturday the 7th of February, the raging fires in Victoria completely destroyed his unique forest creation taking over 300 paintings and sculptures. It makes me feel "sick" to realize this fantastic collection and lifetime "labor of love" has literally gone up in smoke, just one of a whole litany of tragedies in that environment.

As you "take a walk" through this forest I invite you to reflect on the beauty gone and the many people who have lost their homes, their loved ones, their livelihoods, the severely injured, the animal life and the dedicated fire fighters, police, civilians, and those involved in caring for the traumatized and injured - still to this day and for many weeks to come.

This is a real testament to Australian resiliency, and an opportunity for art lovers the world over to join in supporting a visible symbol of resurrection, rising up from the ashes of death and destruction!


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