Sunday 11 November 2007

SiCKO being shown/discussed in Goshen, Wednesday, Nov.14 at 7 pm

Michael Moore's lastest documentary, SiCKO, is being shown this next Wednesday evening at 7 pm in Goshen, at an event co-sponsored by the local DFA (Democracy For America) -- and by both the Film and Pax clubs of Goshen College. This "house party" will be held in the Administration Building second floor, Room 28, because higher levels of interest in attending are outgrowing what any one house can handle.

This group was one of the first 200 "house parties" in the nation to have at least 10 registrants confirmed to come, so yesterday I received a free copy of SiCKO on DVD, which was released to the public only recently. There will be no cost to attend, but donations to the DFA will be welcome.

Go here for more information or to sign up to attend (although the later is not mandatory.)

A Conference Call with Michael Moore (and Jim Dean of the DFA) will commence at 9:30 pm after the movie, to discuss action plans for moving the agenda forward to get some serious reform going -- to ensure adequate health care coverage for all citizens in our country. There will be plenty of motivation after seeing this movie, because some of the real stories shared by people Moore interviews and several other situations he highlights, including what he learns from people in other countries, are quite moving indeed!

Watch Bill Maher's interview of Moore last June regarding the impact this movie was having then on viewers from all across the political spectrum watching initial screenings at film festivals and the like.

Last Tuesday Michael Moore attended a press conference with Reps. Conyers and Kucinich in Washington D.C. accompanied by a group of nurses and doctors who delivered a copy of this movie on DVD to every member of Congress that day, in support of HR 676 (co-sponsored by Conyers.)

If you plan to attend, consider bringing a friend to enrich your discussion after the movie and on your way home!

Clair Hochstetler

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  1. it's so cool that you guys are showing the film for free. it's a real eye opener. it got me to support AARP who are trying to get Congress to make Medicare available to the people who cannot afford it. you should check out their website at and sign their online petition and make your voice heard! you can also view videos, email Congress, and make donations on the website!