Monday 20 November 2006

Wouldn't you agree it's time to create a US Department of Peace?

I urge you to at least scan Marianne Williamson's powerful article entitled "Waging Peace" - published November 16 in the Boston Globe - then peruse the links connected to my own specific comments about it - below:

There are several practical ways to support all the good things that could come of out this (besides a bunch of us peace promoters getting up to speed about the hopes and intentions of the co-sponsors of House Resolution 3760 and Senate 1756 -- and here's a good place to go to do that:

We need to ask more of our Congressmen/women to become co-sponsors! (So far only two Senators in the whole country - what is wrong with this picture?)

You can take action here if you want to be supportive as a local volunteer:

And don't miss this additional list of excellent ways to offer tangible support to the emergence of a Department of Peace:

Surely a lot more students could be involved from the various Peace Clubs on campuses across the country as this picks up steam!

Grace and Peace,

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