Sunday 28 November 2004

Is there any viable alternative to the violence in Iraq?

I read an important message today from Cliff Kindy, an experienced Christian Peacemaker Teams member who has spent a lot of time in the Middle East, including Iraq. He shares some insights here about non-violent alternatives to the current strategy in Iraq and describes how the use of these alternatives staved off an earlier crisis in Faluja. An international coalition of peacemakers who adovcated for similar alternatives before the recent conflagration were simply brushed off by the American military leaders. Now Faluja is in shambles at a huge cost -- waste of lives and infrastructure, only complicating any way to extract from the quagmire in Iraq.

Cliff is a personal acquaintance and lives not far away in North Manchester, Indiana. If you or your group wants an excellent speaker who knows what he's talking about, get in touch with him!

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