Saturday 23 October 2004

(From the historical files)
This is 1968 and I'm 15 years old -- leading our pack of four brothers all four miles to school one fine, crazy day! I'm riding what is probably the world's first "Big One" - a monster unicycle my Dad and I built together out of a 42" diameter Amish buggy wheel! (Sigh...those were the days!) We never would have dreamed about using helmets and wrist guards or any of that stuff.

And yes, I still have it...but I enjoy riding my new custom-made "Big One" MUCH MORE nowadays -- only slightly smaller, but with a MUCH softer, smoother, and swifter ride: my new one has a 36" rim, a tire with air in it that is 2 1/2 " wide -- and a pair of handle bars coming off the front of the seat so that I have something to do with my hands while I'm "cruising!" I've actually gotten it up to about 15 mph.