Wednesday 20 July 2005

Follow-up regarding "Down the Rabbit Hole or Reality?"

Here is the gist of an e-mail dialogue with a questioning friend, along with some personal reflections, in response to my previous post. My friend asked: "I'm curious. What, exactly, do you consider the political significance of the alleged additional explosions in the WTC?

I responded with: Good question! Read this story and perhaps you'll start to get the bigger picture:

By the way, regarding WTC #7 which fell at 5:20 pm on 9/11:

March 2, 2002: A New York Times article theorizes that a diesel fuel tank was responsible for the collapse of WTC Building 7. It collapsed on 9/11, even though it was farther away than many other buildings that remained standing. It was the first time a steel-reinforced high-rise in the US had ever collapsed in a fire. The fuel tank had been installed in 1999 as part of a new "command center" for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. [New York Times, 3/2/02, Dow Jones News, 9/10/02]

What's curious, especially given all the Wall Street scandals later in the year, is that Building 7 was where the SEC stored files for numerous Wall Street investigations. All the files for approximately 3,000 to 4,000 SEC cases were destroyed. Some were backed up in other places, but many were not, especially those classified as confidential. [National Law Journal, 9/17/01]

Lost files include documents that could show the relationship between Citigroup and the WorldCom bankruptcy. [The Street, 8/9/02]

The Secret Service also lost investigative files. Says one agent: "All the evidence stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building." [Tech TV, 7/23/02]

A few days later, the head of the WTC collapse investigation says he "would possibly consider examining" the collapse of Building 7, however, all the rubble has been removed and destroyed. [Committee on Science, House of Representativestestimony, 3/6/02]

Also, did you know that a great deal of the debris from 9/11 was quickly shipped off to China. Hmmmm? Is it any wonder why? --Clair


My friend replied: I think you're gonna have to spell it out for me. I'm picking up on some insinuations, but nothing solid. What do you think the "truth" is in regards to the alleged basement explosion?

And so I responded again:

OK, maybe this will give you something solid to chew on for a while:

At least that did it for my father, who is quite mechanically minded -- it really sat him back on his haunches and stimulated some sober reflection and discussion, just like it affected me when I first read it. The logical conclusion I get from it all (and I join a host of others in this who have "been there" a lot longer than I have) is that, at a minimum, a highly secret and very professionally-designed controlled demolition, well planned ahead of time by a company with a contract to do "official business" of that nature, took the three towers down. The identities are still a secret but there are some clues. It seems logical to me, if that is the case, that "someone" (I honestly don't know who all) within very high levels of the government would have had to know, likely at a very high level in our current administration.

Some very rational persons conclude this does indeed imply a conspiracy to pull off an inside job -- the victims lives be damned -- to instigate a modern Pearl Harbor, fire up the war machine and insure world dominion by the rulers of this nation, according to the motives of the comprehensive PNAC plan. According to this theory, the control center for the operation on the twin towers was likely in WTC7 in a secret reinforced bunker inside that building that could withstand 160 mph wind, and then they took all that evidence down that evening at 5:20 pm.

The tragic results we experienced would had to have been expected -- coldly and shockingly calculated to provide an excuse to ignite support for the current war we now have -- so that a base for controlling (energy) oil reserves in the Middle East could be established long term. (By setting up a puppet government in Iraq and manipulating the fickle mainstream press Stateside just as we have seen them do.)

Whether or not there was collusion at high levels, it seems clear now that those perpetrating this war strategy didn't count on being stuck in it now like they are: waaaay over their heads in an impossible conundrum, with civilians in the administration trying to call the key shots and making mistake after mistake. Recently, one courageous general who was in charge of the Falluja operation came out publicly recently to say that he and his cohorts were absolutely appalled by their orders (with his impression that they came directly from the White House) to take Falluja down like they did. They knew what the long term fallout would be. The military didn't want to do it, but they had to follow orders.

If one only takes into consideration only the facts already established, published, "out there" in the mainstream press: the explosions, the aftermath of 9/11, then the build up and execution of war in Iraq -- and one can read the whole sweep of these all pulled together in one place on this excellent summary at: -- from my vantage point the vast patterns of control and obfuscation come ever so much more sharply into focus.

Things were unraveling just a bit too much and too fast lately, so Bush gave that recent speech again: 9/11-Iraq, 9/11-Iraq, 9/ keep the drumbeat rolling.

Now looking forward:

I guess we shall have to watch and see what happens, but in the meantime I believe we can collectively make quite an impact if we all do our part. I hope this blog contributes just one more little ripple to the collection in the big pond. There are many so very much better than mine.

I'm hoping that FINALLY the mainstream media, with the excuse that the bloggers are leading the way in investigative journalism, will have to unfold what has been so long suppressed among the masses of the American people, who still, for the most part, don't have a clue about what has been there all along in the alternative press. Europeans are being much more astute in these matters.

I predict that within the next year a quest for the truth behind this scenario will be sought by a bolder mainstream press, more former officials with great reputation and but nothing to lose politically will confirm more disturbing elements of this scenario, the story will increasingly unravel to a wider public, and the Bush administration is going to have its hands full - very full! If operatives within the current administration were somehow in collusion with the demolition theory, there are vast political implications indeed. (Although I admit, proving this may never be accomplished before Bush's term is over.)

At minimum, political progressives, in preparation for the next election, need to have someone in line powerful enough to call for investigation as to why the 9/11 commission deliberately ignored the testimony corroborating some of this information, and "clean house" at the higher levels of the FBI and CIA, if necessary. (I personally suspect the manipulation of Cheney and Rove, and the rest of the neocon/PNAC inner circle.) Perhaps George W. Bush was set up as a stool pigeon -- it seems obvious to me, at least up until now, that he's always been told what to say and do by the "omnipotents" Rove and Cheney. Of course, it could be that I undersell Bush and don't give him enough credit for being able to think for himself!

Either way, whether or not he is complicit in these dreadful actions, I do believe that our Commander-in-Chief is wholly incompetent -- and more and more American people are starting to see an emperor with no clothes on. I hope this makes just a smidgen of sense, and am glad for the push to articulate what I really feel and think about this subject.


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