Friday 28 January 2005

"The Phantom Weapons" @ BAGHDAD BURNING

One Iraqi woman's views on the WMD that the Bush administration finally admitted never existed -- an excerpt from her Saturday, Jan. 15, 2005 entry titled "The Phantom Weapons" posted on her blog, BAGHDAD BURNING, at:

"...Terror isn't just worrying about a plane hitting a skyscraper…terrorism is being caught in traffic and hearing the crack of an AK-47 a few meters away because the National Guard wants to let an American humvee or Iraqi official through. Terror is watching your house being raided and knowing that the silliest thing might get you dragged away to Abu Ghraib where soldiers can torture, beat and kill. Terror is that first moment after a series of machine-gun shots, when you lift your head frantically to make sure your loved ones are still in one piece. Terror is trying to pick the shards of glassout of the living-room couch resulting from a nearby explosion and trying not to imagine what would have happened if a person had been sitting there."

"The weapons never existed. It's like having a loved one sentenced to death for a crime they didn't commit - having your country burned and bombed beyond recognition, almost. Then, after two years of grieving for the lost people, and mourning the lost sovereignty, we're told we were innocent of harboring those weapons. We were never a threat to America..."


Her post today (Jan. 27) entitled "Water Anxiety..." gives the reader a graphic sense of how the general population there cope with daily survival, and the intense fear and anxiety connected to the upcoming sham "election." Very poignant and heartreading stuff. I applaud her courage to post her own free thoughts to the world in this manner - but one must wonder how long she'll have access to the internet under such conditions. Long live the bloggers!


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